Nanny Consulting Features & Fees


Our nanny industry experts provide Nanny Consultation Services to families that like stay in charge.  Whether you’re hiring a nanny for the first time, or you’re looking for advice on addressing an issue with a current nanny, we can help!

Nanny Search Consulting

We offer Nanny Search Consulting for the family who would like to be in charge of their own nanny search, but who needs help and advice along the way.  We will help you write and market the job description for your nanny, give you advice as you screen applicants and choose which ones to interview, will help you make the most of every interview you have with a potential candidate, and can empower you to make the hiring decision that is best for your family.  Once you’ve chosen the best candidate, we will do a full background screening and will provide you with a detailed nanny work agreement you can customize for your nanny!

The flat fee for Nanny Search Consulting starts at $1000, and includes all advice, education, and consulting services during the hiring process, as well as a comprehensive background check for the candidate you want to hire.  Fee may increase based on other factors as we customize each Nanny Search consultation program to our clients’ wants and needs.  At your free consultation, we will discuss all of the options available to support you as you search for a nanny and assign a flat fee for our consulting service.

Nanny/Employer Relationship Consulting

As your relationship with your nanny grows and develops over time, you may find yourself hitting speed bumps in communication, expectations, job performance, attitude, motivation, and organization.  We can help you analyze your situation and make a plan for initiating a conversation with your nanny, rewriting the nanny work agreement, or replacing or phasing out your current nanny.  We can mediate any work-related issues in the nanny/employer relationship, and can facilitate honest, effective communication.

Fees will vary based on length and involvement of consulting programs and may vary by situation.  Contact The Grand Rapids Nanny Authority with your questions and concerns to schedule a free consultation.

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