The Michigan Nanny Authority: Grand Rapids is now interviewing for the following position:

A busy professional family in Lansing is seeking a Nanny/Household Manager for 20-40 hours per week!

Parents are looking to hire an experienced, professional, and self-motivated Nanny/Household Manager to join their parenting team and help them care for their children and their home.  The family has two boys who are 4-years-old and almost two, a new baby on the way, and one friendly dog.  Nanny will be asked to work an average of 20 hours most weeks, but the schedule will vary by week depending on the needs of the family.  She will also be needed occasionally for overnights and long weekends.  The family travels often; Nanny will be asked to either travel with the family (with lots of advanced notice and all travel expenses paid), stay with the children while the parents travel alone, or care for the family’s dog and home if the whole family travels without the Nanny.

To ensure high levels of loyalty, flexibility, and reliability, Nanny is guaranteed to be paid for 40 hours per week, even though most weeks she will work significantly fewer hours.  Overtime at time and a half will be paid for any hours worked over 40 in a week.    The salary range will fall between $40-45,000 per year.

Nanny’s primary responsibility will be to provide loving childcare for the family’s two young children and their upcoming newborn sibling.  The parents own a business and both work in and out of the home, depending on the day, so Nanny will have a team approach to caring for the children’s needs and tackling Household Management tasks. She will work well in collaboration with the mother, who is primarily a stay-at-home mom who needs another experienced, capable set of hands to help with the children and the home. She will also provide transportation to/from preschool this fall, will accompany the children to classes and lessons, and will be encouraged to plan play dates and field trips for their educational and social development. A vehicle will be provided by the family for Nanny to use to transport children and run errands while on duty.

The Household Manager portion of the Nanny’s job is secondary to childcare, but will provide additional support the family by helping the mother accomplish tasks related to the care of the family’s children and maintenance of the home. This may include meal-planning and preparation, grocery shopping, errand running as needed/requested, light housekeeping to keep common areas tidy between visits from the family’s cleaning person, maintaining cleanliness and organization in the children’s bedrooms and play areas (while including children in chores as age-appropriate), all of the children’s laundry, and any other activity/job that the Nanny and/or family deems necessary for the maintenance of the home. The Family will make money available to Nanny for all purchases made for the family.

The ideal Nanny/Household Manager for this family will have at least 2 years of professional childcare experience, as well as experience working as a Nanny/Household Manager.  The family is willing to consider someone without specific Household Manager experience if they have a personal or work history of being motivated, accomplishing tasks quickly and efficiently, and needing very little day-to-day input to get work done.  She will be highly flexible and reliable and make the family’s work and travel schedule her priority.  The family’s ideal candidate will be friendly and out-going and have a positive and helpful attitude.  She will be a fun playmate and loving caregiver for the children and help with their education and character development.  As she assimilates into the position, she will be able to help anticipate the needs of the family with a “What else can I do to make your lives easier?” outlook on providing care for the entire family.  She will have an excess of common sense as she will often be responsible for several tasks concurrently that she should be able to accomplish with ease.  She should have impeccable work ethic and be reliable, flexible, responsible, and trustworthy.  Most importantly, she will quickly feel like a member of the family!  The family prioritizes open, honest communication, so she should feel comfortable communicating throughout the day and immediately addressing any issues that come up so they can be settled right away.

This position requires a long-term commitment to the family, and preference will be given to the candidate who is willing to stay for more than two years.  A minimum of 1 year commitment is required.  Pay will start at $18-23 per hour for a guaranteed 40 hours per week, and nanny will have guaranteed pay, paid time off, paid holidays, and other standard nanny benefits.   Details will be discussed with qualified nannies at an in-person interview.

The right candidate:

  • Will have AT LEAST two years of part- or full-time nanny and/or household manager experience. Experience raising children of one’s own is considered appropriate experience. Sorry, your own children are not able to come with you for this position!
  • Will have her own reliable transportation, a valid driver’s license, and a clean driving record.
  • Must be legal to work in the USA
  • Must pass a thorough background check and drug test before starting the position.
  • Must have current CPR/First aid certification or agree to complete a class within 90 days of start-date.
  • Must be willing to get a flu shot annually (parents will pay for any immunizations.)

Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply online today!  Have your childcare resume and at least 3 childcare references ready to submit along with your application.

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